For our Board of Directors as they seek to broaden the scope of those we are able to assist and make wise decisions for the mission.

Volunteers are needed to work Monday mornings from 9-12. We need both men and women to sort and process donated items. If you would like to volunteer, please visit here to fill out the application.

Donation of Goods
We appreciate your donation of gently used, clean clothing, Christian books, housewares, etc. Our working hours are: 9-1 Mondays and 9-1 the first Saturday of the month only. All other times, items may be placed in our donation bin at the rear of the building. Call 317-370-8675 if you desire a tax receipt.

We are always eager to hear of any gospel preaching missionary or work that may need our help or a local family in need.

Funds are always needed to send monetary gifts to missionaries for ongoing needs. Most of our missionaries are below their support needed level due to the devaluation of the dollar and the current economic situation.

Widow's Jar Ministries is a 501(c)3 organization.
You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.
Accountability Statement
WJM takes very seriously any funds entrusted to us for use. We are aware that we are to be accountable stewards towards those who share their time, money and prayers with us. We know that God sees and weighs all that we do, and we seek His wisdom in every decision. All designated monies will go 100% to the place or project for which they were designated. No director or officer of WJM receives any compensation.
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